Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside....

It's been so cold...the kind that makes you want to do nothing but stay inside and eat.

Winter is not my friend.
And although I quickly forget about it come April, I absolutely think that I've got Seasonal Affective Disorder.

According to Google, these are the symptoms-

* Afternoon slumps with decreased energy and concentration
* Carbohydrate cravings
* Decreased interest in work or other activities
* Depression that starts in fall or winter
* Increased appetite with weight gain
* Increased sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness
* Lack of energy
* Slow, sluggish, lethargic movement
* Social withdrawal

Please refer to symptom #2.
As of late, I've been obsessed with carbs.
Carbs are not my friend either (please refer to symptom #5 & #7)

And so to fight it, I try to bring a in a little spring inside whenever I can.

One of my favorites is to bring branches from our quince bush inside to force. It's so simple- and free!


Another frequent visitor- tulips (not free, but reasonably priced at the grocery store).


They bring a smile- and a reminder that spring is on its way- and it's only a matter of time before SAD turns to GLAD!!!

Do you do anything to get you through the winter?


Jennifer Barnum said...

I go RVing to make me happy during the winter! You should try it!

dana said...

ummm, i take vitamin d because i *think* it helps w/the craving and the general moodiness. i also eat chocolate and i really, really think that helps. oh, and i watch bridget jones diary weekly.

The Browns said...

I personally prefer taking and planning trips to Hawaii. But I'm awful intrigued by Jen's RVing suggestion. I might have to me one of them there things.

Jen...that girl is a funny one!