Saturday, January 23, 2010

3rd times....

Not necessarily a charm!

But I'm getting better.

Today was game 3. By the end of the season, I should have perfected the technique.

My friends Denise and Jackie gave me some tips- and they helped a ton!

Jackie's son happened to be on the opposing team. He and the Coop are big buds.

Each game gives the kids more confidence- and they've really improved since they first started playing together.

He's very serious but he has so much fun.


I've got to perfect the lighting deal because I can't consistently find the right balance. Their little faces are washed out- but I love these anyway.



This one...although blurry makes him look like a little boy. I remember when he looked like this all the time. Oh, I loved those days.


But these days are pretty fantastic too!

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Denise said...

These look great Carloyn!