Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Room?

When we got home from the river, I had just 2 thoughts.

1) get as warm as possible
2) take down our Christmas decorations

I concentrated on the 1st one....and took a lovely nap on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and clutching the new issue of Country Living. I woke up and realized that the house was strangely quiet- and Cooper and Jon were home. Hmm.

Jon was totally immersed in Andre's book (he can't put it down). Cooper was upstairs. As I climbed the steps, I got a glimpse of something that wasn't quite right. My silly kid had been moving the contents of his bedroom into our guestroom.

This is his "real" nightstand".

This is his "new" one. Along with the pillows and dog that typically sit on his bed in his "real" room.

You can see the remnants of his "old" bed and the blank space on the floor where he moved his beanbag chair and all of its "friends". There is also a blank space on his bookshelf....because he had started to move his books!!!

Yup- there they are. The beanbag chair with a million of his favorite pals.

At this point, I began to hyperventilate so the camera was no longer an option.

His story?

"Momma, I just thought since it was a new year that maybe I should have a new room. I've been sort of tired of mine anyway and since nobody uses this room, I thought you wouldn't mind."

Yeah- I can see how you'd think that....but...

My creative side took over and although I had to stop him from moving the rest of the clothes from his closet into the "new" closet I agreed to let him try it for a while.

I had no idea what was coming I just took 12 deep breaths, braced Jon for the disaster of our upstairs and tucked my kid into his "new" bed.

And in the morning....

"Hey Momma?"

"You know my new room?"

"Well, it's sort of noisy in there. I didn't sleep so good"
Really? It was loud?

"Yeah, I didn't like it"
Aww, sweet. Do you want to move back?

"Yes, I think my old room is gonna be ok now."
Ok buddy- need some help to move things back?

"Thanks Momma".

Ahhhh- day 2 of the new year.
I can hardly wait for the rest!!!

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Denise said...

Aren't kids fun? And what a great Mom that you let him make his own decision...big deep breaths are helpful in those moments huh?