Wednesday, December 8, 2010

for katie

I got a text message from my sweet niece earlier this week-

Hey Caro- this is the 1st year that you haven't done a post about Thanksgiving!

She's right, I haven't.
We have the best time at Thanksgiving and I like to capture the holidays so that we can look back at them in years to come and relish the memories.

But this year, Thanksgiving sort of arrived sooner than I had planned and things have been rolling ever since. I'm going to do the post- it's just taking me a while.

And so, because I absolutely adore her, I'm posting a little treat that will hopefully make up for the fact that she's having to wait weeks to see the results of my Thanksgiving photos and read the words to the recap.

Here you go, Katie.....


I hope you love this as much as I do.
And I hope you know that even though it hasn't seemed like it over the years, my kid thinks you're one super great cousin.
(passing down your PS2 may have even moved you ahead of Wade!!!)

Hugs to you!!!!

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