Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas House


There are tons of "Christmas Tours" on blogs...but everyone is always so organized and has them at the beginning of the month. I'm barely ready for company 15 minutes before they arrive, let alone a month.

So, although I had started the process ages ago, it hasn't been finished until now. Truth be told, I'm not even finished now, but it's as close as it can possibly be. What's better than walking into a house that's all decorated for Christmas? Not much!


I'm crazy about my wreath this least from close up. It's the first year with a black door and although I think the gold is effective, I'll be shopping for new baubles and a bow for next year. It sort of loses its pop from the street. Any thoughts for color? It's hard with our brick because red is an absolute no.

This year I completely stumbled upon the best deal....this poinsettia for $7.99- stop the madness. It's HUGE!


So huge that I had to alter its location from years past. Instead, it has a place of honor on the chest in the living room.

I had to improvise on something for the entryway, and decided on this tree from my swap last year. It was sitting on my hearth...and I loved it there, but sometimes change is good.


My old faithful still makes me smile on the banister.

And our tree....trimmed and still lush and green. I love the way it smells and that we can enjoy the lights with an easy flip of a switch.


Cooper was concerned that the presents under the tree didn't have his name attached to them. That was by design....I was a peeker when I was little and I'm suspicious that my little apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

Not to worry- on Christmas, he'll be well taken care of.


The stocking was hung by the chimney with care....
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

One of my staples is to use Christmas balls- it's simple, fast and really very effective in sprinkling the festive all over.


This container filled makes a great statement on my kitchen table, while my dining room looks a bit more formal.

My favorite decoration....the one that's probably my prized possession sits in its assigned place beneath the tree. It's an exact replica of the antique creche that my parents have...created for Jon and I on our 1st Christmas together by a beloved (and talented) family friend.

Our creche- the reason for the season and a reminder of the greatest gift of all. Cooper lovingly sets the holy family into their places and surrounds them with the kings, the shepherd and the animals. All waiting for the birth of our Savior.

And so from our home, to yours-

Merry Christmas to all....



melissa said...

so so beautiful. love it all, ESP the wreath. and I love the santas!

also- great minds- I proactively changed my tiks and am staying in tx longer to avoid delays from snow. we got up at 6am Christmas day to take Kevin so he could beat the snow.

hope you enjoy all your holidays and company!

for the love of a house said...

your home looks beautiful and so festive!


The Browns said...

LOVE!!! So many questions & comments...

* I LOVE your nativity set (do you really call it a creche?)! And love that it's under the tree!

* Love the tree shaped santas.

* Do you really only have one stocking? What about you & Jon??

* Are you crazy or NOT crazy about your wreath? I think you said crazy, but then you didn't sound quite so enthusiastic...

* You...a peaker?? This must have been pre-rule-following... Psst...I was too. BIG TIME!

love you - Merry Christmas!