Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tacky or Terrific?

Who doesn't love a tacky light tour?
We absolutely do- although truth be told, I'm happy that none of our neighbors have their house lit up for all to see for miles.


Or in this case, BOTH of my neighbors.
This house is legendary in our city- I've been going to see if for 20 years myself. Originally there was a couple and they were all about their Christmas decor- and then, their son bought the house next door. The apple didn't fall far from the tree! They sit outside each night- they talk to people and hand out reindeer food to the kids. People come from all over and there are traffic jams to get in and out of the street- every year we see people that we know, no matter when we go.

Except this year, they are having financial trouble and their homes are in foreclosure. Unless something changes, this will be the final year. We tried to help a little bit- and I think lots of people are. But will it make a difference?

And then there is this house....decorated for their son who adored Christmas lights but who was taken from them too soon. And so they decorate in his honor-


I hope he looks down on his parents house and smiles every year.
We smiled when we thought of him.

We've taken two tours this year, and will do a third when my parents come down. It's tacky, but a great way to spend time with friends and family- and another tradition for us to share with Cooper.

No pictures of us.....but a fun one of the happily betrothed!


Tacky or terrific??
Either way, hope you get to spend some time with those you love doing things that make you happy this week!!


The Browns said...

TERRIFIC!!! Trying to fit a tour in in the next few days. You must send me your must-sees!!

for the love of a house said...

For Xmas I think it's fabulous, but like you, woouldn't want it next door!! :)

I agree it's a fun thing to do with family/friends. When we lived in Dallas we had an "underground tour" of about 7 wierd/tacky houses i.e. one house had 7 storage units in a row in the back yard!, and the finale was a house (in a really nice neighborhood) that had stuffed their dearly departed dog and had it standing in the front picture window!