Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crochet Coral Reef

While we were in DC, we took in the Museum of Natural History. If you live close by, run- don't walk to the museum before April 24th.

The Hope Diamond is there- and it's incredible (and in a special setting for a while)


But the thing that left the biggest impression on me was the coral reef- which had been crocheted.


It was breathtaking. From far away it's beautiful but once you get up close and can see the actual handiwork- it's unbelievable. That anyone could crochet a reef....that hundreds of people did it's simply brilliant and quite impactful.

I couldn't tear myself away and I took way too many pictures. I discovered later that there is a Flickr group dedicated to pictures of the reef. Go visit!

The museum description says, "experience this homage to the disappearing wonder, beauty, and diversity of living reefs that are threatened by pollution and global warming".

Part of the reef was healthy....and some was toxic . The very things that threaten its health were used to create this work of art. I didn't notice at first but was blown away and then sad/angry to realize what people do without even thinking and how much of an impact it has.




I simply loved it.


Hope you've been overwhelmed by something beautiful lately too (or inspired to make a difference)!