Monday, January 31, 2011

generation GAP

I got a message from Jon on Friday.....the subject was generation gap.
I seriously wasn't ready for what was inside-

Honey- Today each of my classes had to turn in the first part of a business plan. The plan included a cover page and my instructions told them to list all the contact information for the company including a fax number.

In all 3 classes different students asked....
"Hey Mr. N, what does a fax number look like? Is it just like a phone number?"

In the first class the kid who asked was an ESL kid, so I figured maybe he was just confused. But the next 2 classes were kids who were born here and have no language issues. They really didn't get it- like maybe a fax number was some special code or something.

Really??? You don't know what a FAX is??

No honey- not hilarious. DEPRESSING.
We are getting is it possible that something in our own lifetime arrived and is almost obsolete???

STOP the Insanity!!

Have a great week- whether you're faxing or not.

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