Monday, January 24, 2011


Does anyone know the cure for procrastination??

I have the worst case....and a list of at least 4567 things that needed to be done yesterday.

Thus the reason that I'm blogging at 1:31am when I should be-

*reconciling a report for work that I should have finished on Thursday
*signing Cooper up for spring baseball league
*writing performance appraisals for my direct reports at work
*cleaning out closets in our upstairs guest rooms
*putting away the 5 loads of laundry that are washed and folded
*submitting my receipts for my flexible spending account
*setting myself up for automatic payment so my phone doesn't get turned off again because I forgot to pay the bill (grrrr)
*going to bed and getting some sleep so I can function in life tomorrow
*ordering a present for a friend who had a new baby
*mailing a Christmas present for my niece Katie
*changing my sheets
*reading Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of my textbook in the class that I signed up for in a moment of sheer genius

The list goes on.....and on...

I have however watched all the Desperate Housewives episodes so I'm up to date, made lasagna so my family can eat this week, baked cookies for Cooper's lunch, thrown away 26 things (2X) that I absolutely didn't need, replanted all of my houseplants (which actually is HUGE and I'm pretty excited about).

Happy Monday!

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