Saturday, January 1, 2011



I have 2 bags in the attic that hold our New Years Eve decorations- and they were the last things we packed for the trip to the beach.

What's New Years Eve without decorations?
In my book- sad.

So, I gussied up the efficiency with the contents of the bags and improvised a bit for a table cloth (yup, beach towel- i'm not proud!)


We cooked some shrimp on the 2 burner stove and managed to have quite a yummy little feast.

We toasted with our drinks of choice (beer, milk, diet coke)

And enjoyed some good food....

and even better entertainment!

It's a good thing we had our official toast a little early....
toast mosaic

Because by 10:30, the boys were OUT.

Not to worry....I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the night along with my friends at CNN.

We had a great day....


We had a great year and I'm so incredibly thankful!!

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The Browns said...

I love your special little family. So much love packed between the 3 of you - beautiful

happy new year!!

ps - fab shadow picture!