Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Favorite Pitcher

Fall Ball is historically less intense and more instructional.
I'm not sure either is entirely true, at least for me.

1st- Cooper is now playing kid pitch vs. machine pitch and while that may be exciting for him, it completely freaks me out. Kids are getting hit with rogue pitches at least once an inning.

2nd- Today Cooper was one of those pitchers! Thankfully he didn't hit anyone....AND he struck 2 kids out.....but who's keeping track?

3rd- I have zero ability to remain calm and collected during a baseball game featuring my child as a player. I just get SO excited!

A wad of bubble gum really makes the pitcher more authentic- don't you agree?

At the end of the game, guess who got handed the Game Ball?

Yup- my favorite powerade drinking, gum chewing pitcher!

Way to Go, Coop!

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