Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What'll Ya Have??

About 10 years ago I worked on a project that had me flying to Tampa at least once a month. I was the most junior person on the team and two of my co-workers were probably some of the funniest people on the planet.

They were supposed to "take care of me" on the trips....because I was a female traveling alone. I wasn't 12- but most of the time I was the little sister tagging along on with them on planes, in airports, at hotels and as the butt of many of their jokes. I adored them! Still do.

The flight to Tampa was never direct (although it should have been) and so we had to fly through either Atlanta or Charlotte. I was all about sticking to policy and taking the flights that were the cheapest- even if they weren't the most convenient. But my funny co-workers.....paid no attention to policy. Those jokers would schedule flights around lunch time and add a long layover in Atlanta all so they could eat at the place they called "legendary". I never went- I was too afraid of getting in trouble. They happily left me behind and never brought me anything but a stinkin' paper hat.

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Last week, I was able to experience it myself.

My 1st trip to the Varsity.
Anxious faces behind the counter in those crazy red paper hats yelling, "What'll Ya Have?"

It was all that I anticipated and more & this is what I had-

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I know those jokers are proud of me, even 10 years later.

What'll ya have????

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