Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roasted Vegetables & Melted Mascara

My meal planning continues and I've been trying to eat more veggies in general. My parents gave me new pots and pans for Christmas and I adore them! Having the right tools really makes a huge difference and I'm making an effort to try new things.

Enter roasting- I have a brussel sprouts recipe that is to die for (I realize that may be an alarming statement- but it's completely true). I decided that if roasting can make brussel sprouts better than I should just roast everything. Last night I roasted squash. I added some olive oil, sprinkled on some seasoning and roasted for about 15 minutes. I opened the oven door to peek in and see how things were coming along and apparently this was a mistake.

A poof of heat came out when I opened the door and all of a sudden I felt my eyes pull back- it felt very strange and my 1st reaction was- Oh NO- I have singed off all of my eyelashes (which if you know me is troubling because I have an eyelash issue in the first place). Anyway- I ran into the bathroom and honestly- I looked like Tammy Faye Baker. The heat somehow melted my mascara and made my eyelashes clump together and stick to my eyelids. Thankfully, fully fixable with a little make up remover. Whew!

Before my food and beauty experience, I shared a treat with Cooper. My sweet friend Diana gave me a box to deliver. There is really nothing that my kid likes more than to get a treat, and today was no different. His eyes lit up and he opened the note on the top of the box. I asked him what it said and he said that he didn't know- since he can read most things these days, I didn't give it a thought and said- well, read it silly. He looked at me, then at the note and said- I can't. Look! He handed me the note and I had to laugh (she did too when I relayed the story). Diana clearly has little boys....her familiar handwriting was staring me in the face and it was not "easy reader friendly"! The note was so thoughtful- and offered him some solace since he had lost his favorite sleeping pal. A Webk!nz retriever was inside the box to help him with those lonely nights. He was thrilled, promptly named her Savannah and has slept with her for the past 2 nights.
Thanks Diana- wonderful friends are such a blessing!

ps- the squash was a hit!!

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The Browns said...

OH - I'm SO glad he loved it! That makes me so happy to know I made him smile...even if he couldn't read what in the world I was trying to write!

The pressure of this bad-gift-giver giving a little something to a great-gift-giver was almost paralyzing. So glad I didn't let it stop me.

PS - Super proud of your roasting! LOVE me some roasted veggies!