Friday, January 23, 2009

What is with this knife??

I worked from home today....I love this! I needed to get some things done before I left for the lake and my meetings were all doable by phone. Working from my sofa lets me drop a load of laundry in or bake a batch of brownies and feel like I'm able to manage it all. A total facade!

After I dropped Cooper off at school I stopped by the grocery store to pick up what I needed. As I was walking past the frozen food aisle (with no intention of visiting), I saw the CPK delivery man stocking the freezer. I couldn't help myself and picked up a Hawaiian pizza with plans of a completely amazing lunch.

Fast forward 4 hours when my stomach is growling and I've got 12 things too many going on at once. I opened the package, threw the frozen pie on my pizza stone and returned to the sofa. I pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to the directions- after all, it's a frozen pizza, how hard can it be? I was in the middle of a conference call and the timer goes off, so I mute the phone and grab the pizza so that it can cool. My call ends and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into my lunch.

Oddly, I am unable to cut through the pizza. I keep trying to cut the thing in half and it just doesn't work. So I'm thinking to myself- what in the world? How can this be- I'm starving and I can't cut even a sliver of my amazing lunch. I've been waiting for almost 5 hours- come on...cut!! I try again and nada.

I just had my knives sharpened (this man is amazing if you need anything sharpened!) and even say out loud- "what is with this knife?" It's crazy- the pizza is literally bending in half but I cannot cut it all the way through. Have I lost my mind?

Well, yes- I have. Evidently in my haste, I forgot to complete step 2 of the directions

2 Remove pizza from clear plastic wrap and cardboard.

I pick up the pizza, and there cemented securely to the bottom of my lunch is the cardboard circle that is included with probably EVERY FROZEN PIZZA IN AMERICA.


No matter- I also neglected this little diddy
For best results. DO NOT bake pizza on a cookie sheet or pizza stone.

I ended up eating brownies for lunch.
They almost made up for my momentary lapse of reason.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I am laughing out loud!!! The reason being is that I have done the same thing!! I am happy to hear that I am not the only mom in the world to bake cardboard. I guess we should be thankful that we didn't burn the house down. I'd like to know what the purpose is to have the cardboard in there and why do they have to make it the same exact shape as the pizza? Why not make it square like the box so that it is easily noticed? Have a good evening!! Sompa

Alison said...

Dear Little Sis,
I so enjoyed catching up on your blog! I'm laughing about your pizza and crying about your dog. So very hard to lose a furry friend. I'm glad Cooper is feeling better (and you are too). Now that I have a big dog in my life, I can relate to the attachments.

So fun to read about your life! Wish we lived closer but we'll always be close in the heart!


Lora said...

oh boo! and hawaiian pizza is the ultimate in pizza goodness.

in a related story, my husband recently learned that condensed soup is supposed to have water added to it before you eat it. not that it is keeping him from eating it straight from the can. ick. condensed double noodle and condensed clam chowder must be absolutely disgusting.

thanks for stopping by my blog so i could find yours! i'm hooked, and i've got you on my google reader!

The Browns said...