Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So much to be thankful for!

It has been one week without our beloved Savannah, and it's getting less painful. Cooper hasn't cried since Sunday. He wrote 2 of his 4 required spelling word sentences about her which tells me that he's still mourning but is dealing with it in a way that works best for him. I am so thankful that his little heart is healing. We are all smiling at stories and thoughts of her now although she is so missed! I am thankful that she was a part of our family and that Cooper truly knows the meaning of mans best friend.

I am also thankful for the kind words about Savannah, both on my comments and via e-mail and phone calls. They were all so comforting.

I am thankful for a wonderful group of women and the chance to spend a "girls night at the lake" with them. We're leaving on Friday at 5 and I'm looking forward to lots of laughs, good food and a few hard core rounds of dominoes (stop the madness, I know!!). My boys are headed to the boat show & a night without mom. I think we'll all have a blast!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband- who so gladly supports my need for girl time and makes it so easy to walk out the front door without a care in the world. Well, maybe a few!!

I am thankful for the prayers and well wishes for our 44th President. I watched portions of the Inauguration on Tuesday and listened to my friends at Fox and was struck with an overwhelming optimism and feeling of how much a part of history the day really was. I am truly hopeful of his time in office- despite my vote in November!

I'm not a resolution maker- but have tried to set some goals for myself in the new year. In a post this fall that I cannot now find to save my life, I outlined things that I was going to try to do- and have been successful only with my 3X weekly walks in the early (and now incredibly cold) mornings (although since I can't find the post, I'm not completely positive that the walking in the morning was on the list. I know that walking up the steps at work was and that lasted about 10 days). Things that I am adding to my list are taking vitamins daily and creating weekly menus. I'm thankful that I've been able to follow through on these for 2 weeks- must keep up the journey!

The weeks of cold winter weather are moving by quickly- for which I am SO thankful! I actually saw little daffodil tips popping up in our yard. I cannot wait for spring!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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