Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Trip Home (Catching Up)

We made a trip north right after Christmas to celebrate my uncle's 80th birthday with a surprise party (yes, my mom was a bit of an afterthought for my grandparents!).

Uncle Boots, my mom & Aunt Ruthie

The party was a huge success and it was great to catch up with the cousins and my aunts and uncle. Oh the laughs that we had and the cookies I ate!

We spent the night and went to a local museum that has a really special Christmas exhibit. They have a train room that is almost overwhelming and my parents thought Cooper would love it. They were right- he did.

But the winner for the afternoon were the all natural trees and displays that they had. They had trees that were decorated with nothing but materials found in nature. They were AMAZING! I took a a few pictures, but wish that I had taken more, and in greater detail. There was one tree with characters- Horton and the Cat in the Hat got smiles from all of us. The thing that Cooper absolutely adored though was the Noah's Ark display. He couldn't pull himself away from it- and was pointing and yelling, "look at those elephants" "did you see the tigers". It was truly amazing and so creative, not to mention green.


We also had a chance to see the museum collection of Wyeth's (all of them). I adore Andrew Wyeth (Jon is also a fan) and certainly appreciate the works of his father and son- but he is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's because his work is so representative of the place that I grew up and so it's familiar or whether it's just him. Whatever the reason, his art speaks to me and it was a treat to be able to see so many pieces, some that I hadn't seen before.

Such a good weekend!

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The Browns said...

LOVE the family picture! What does Jon think of the emphasis on pics - especially ones with you in them? You look GREAT btw!