Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Grad!!


We spent last weekend celebrating our niece Niki's graduation. She's one smart kid and graduated Cum Laude with a double major. Yup, impressive.

The event was cause to get the fam together and we had the best time! Never one to miss out on an opportunity for fun, I gifted the grad with some "tooters". Never heard of them? Me either....until I was on a run to the liquor store and noticed them on the shelf. They are shots that are in a test tube- see, there is educational value hidden there!

How quickly we're able to switch from cum laude to um, tipsy.


Even Nana did one!

(she will KILL me for this.....te-he!!)

Mackie, always the life of the party, was all for it too!

Although it may not seem like it, she was a fan.

So many laughs, so much love, so much FUN!!


Congratulations Niki!!!


dana said...

ha!!! that is good fun!

Denise said...

So funny Carolyn!