Sunday, May 2, 2010


Each year, Cooper's school starts May with a festival. The whole school is divided into 2 teams- blue and white. If you're blue, you're blue forever. If your mom or dad went to school here, you are on the same team that they were. It's a tradition and taken pretty seriously. We're on the white team. Thankfully, so are most of Cooper's friends (except sweet P).

Anywhoo- they have field day on Friday and tally up the winners of each game- and on Saturday after the May Pole dance, they do Tug-o-War. It's hilarious- and brutal.

Before brutal though, there is sweet. The kindergartners dress up and kick off the festivities. Each child is paired with a partner. When he was in kindergarten, Cooper got the SWEETEST little partner. Could they have been any cuter?


The ribbons end up all tangled instead of looking pristine and artfully arranged on the pole, but it's the principle of the thing and it's adorable.


Once that's finished everyone goes to the field for THE event of the day.


Sometimes it's comical (and over pretty quickly)
This was the 1st grade- poor things.

Other times it's long, hard and exhausting.


But when the orange flag crosses the line on your side....

it's pure joy!!

Sadly, it's best 2 out of 3.
And things took a turn for the worst.

Oh well- it's hanging out with friends that makes the day fun anyway!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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The Browns said...

You could have title this Wordless Wednesday and I would have gotten it.

Absolutely idyllic.