Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bad Day

Is there a cure for procrastination?

I'm the WORST. I'm doing it right now....blogging when I should be working on what actually pays the bills.

But I can't....I should work, I need to work but it's simply too much.
I'm tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, angry, sad, delirious, scared, deflated & cranky.

I don't have 1 single good reason to be this way- I have 5.

*I stopped eating carbs today. That may have a little to do with it.
*Or maybe the fact that it took me almost 2 hours to figure out how to properly format my homework for the photography class I'm taking. I am NOT a fan of phot*shop. AT ALL.
*Or that Cooper was sick today....not really sick, just the kind that means your a bad mom if you send him to school...
*Or that my job has been kicking my rear.
*Or that my knee is bothering me again.

On the bright side-
*After the shock of no carbs wears off, I usually feel pretty good.
*I am learning in my class which was the reason that I signed up in the first place
*Cooper is better and his sick was really no big deal
*I have a job-
*I think that if I start doing PT again, my knee will be ok.

I think my mood is changing already.

1 comment:

The Browns said...

I totally expected the sentence to end...
On the bright side-
*After the shock of no carbs wears off, I usually look pretty good.

Just think about that - in 5 short days you're going to look FAN-TASTIC!