Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Dog-

This silly dog turned 1 today.

Typically I would scoff at the thought of having a birthday party for my dog. I mean- I love her and everything but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Cooper was obsessed with having a party for Gypsy.
And so, the opportunity for scoffing didn't present itself.

I went to our local dog bakery and I made treat bags for Gypsy's best friends...Henry and Charlie.
These were inside and evidently they loved them!

We took Gypsy to see her pals- they had a fantastic time (especially Charlie who's not used to having a pretty girl dog around).

The humans had fun too.

Gypsy's gift was a new dog bowl (since she's gnawed her old one almost beyond recognition) and a special bone cookie.
Clearly, Cooper was a big fan of the festivities (check out the scar- it's looking pretty good!).

Here's to puppies growing up....and to little boys finding happiness in the small things!


The Browns said...

Oh my gosh - that first picture just makes me laugh!! She is so cute!!

Happy Birthday Gypsy!!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Your photo skillz are really getting good. The picture of Gypsy is great! You are a chick that can really click!