Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In my family, I'm responsible for the Easter celebration. Basically, Kathy did Thanksgiving, Maggie did Christmas and so Easter was mine by default. We celebrate the day before Easter and I adore it. There are many things that I'm good at and a ton that I'm not.

Regardless, hands down- I CAN ROCK AN EGG HUNT.

Because Cooper is the youngest by almost 10 years, the thought of having a 1 kid Easter Egg Hunt was a little sad for me. So I created Egg-strava-ganza. The concept was that everyone had an assigned "thing" to hunt for. Let's be clear- I have some amazing nieces and nephews and they willingly listen to the crazy directions and play along. I try to make it worth their while.

Cooper's job is easy- search for eggs.

If you're a boy over 21, you get to search for beer.

Warm beer- because cold beer sweats in the sun and gets really dirty.
Sometimes searching for beer is much harder than searching for eggs.

Girls over 21 hunt for treats in colorful bags. Hmm, no pix of Katie hunting.

We've added Jon's cousin and his family to the mix.
The little girls search for eggs and look adorable doing it.

Sometimes even moms get to search for things.
George the Giraffe gets send back and forth between mom and daughter with lots of love.

After the hunt we have lunch, empty eggs and count the bounty, eat way too much candy and talk about how much fun it is to celebrate together.

It's one of my favorite days of the year!

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