Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Things on Friday

No reason....just a list!

1) I am SOO thankful for good doctors, kind nurses and the grace of God that watched so carefully over my sweet kid last weekend. His wounds are healing nicely & we get the stitches out this weekend.

2) I have taken a crazy plunge...and I enrolled in this fabulous photography class. I am either going to emerge with mad skills, or will be crying in a corner because I stink! I'm hopeful it will be the former but i'm VERY nervous.

3) I am heading out for a girls weekend. A fun overnight spent with women I find inspiring, fun, hilarious and just plain awesome. I can't wait- this has been a LOOONNNGGG week.

4) I must make an appointment at the eye doctor. The pollen is wreaking havoc with my eyes and I'm running low on contacts (and of course, my prescription has expired).

5) Although I'm now drinking diet*coke again, I've drastically reduced my consumption- I'm a little bit proud of myself.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Lora said...

Good for you in reducing the diet coke consumption! It's hard to keep up your lentils all year round, but I say as long as they have a bit of lasting effects, that's all you can ask for!

The Browns said...

Wow - we really have been out of touch.

Girls weekend away? I didn't even know and we haven't compared weekends yet.

Pollen - kicking my a$$ too. I know have an infected scratch under my eye from excessive rubbin of said eye. Not cute.

Pho'o class - How is it going??? Do I need to help you with that one requirement of the class?

Miss you!