Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mini Vacay!

Jon had spring break and we decided to take a day and have a mini-vacation. Our original plan was the beach, but in the end we decided to be economical and head to the river. Since Cooper would miss a day at school, a trip to Jamestown seemed the perfect choice for our day.

We started at the settlement- and saw an archeologist working in the believed location of the actual fort. We spoke to an incredibly knowledgeable volunteer and learned a ton.


Although the week had been warm, suddenly the temperature dropped on Friday. Thus, Cooper's hands are missing in many of my pictures!

What a bad mom- I was completely unprepared for the change and hadn't packed with cold in mind. My poor kid.

We met some great characters- this is James. He demonstrated how to shoot a musket and was totally into his role.
Doesn't he look so authentic?

It wasn't too crowded and Cooper was able to participate in some of the daily activities of the settlers. He took his jobs very seriously.



Making a Powhatan canoe was a highlight & has sparked conversations on how long it might take for us to make our own.


I love this one!

The ships were another highlight....
Thankfully, the sun came out and warmed us a bit.

While we were on one of the ships, I heard an oddly familiar voice. Of all the crazy things- I ran into one of my sorority sisters!

Laurie teaches 4th grade and her class was making the necessary pilgrimage to Virginia's birthplace. We last saw each other at this event- 2 years ago! It was super to see her and fun to catch up, if only for a minute.

Our afternoon ended at the Powhatan village where Cooper tried his best to gross me out by holding things like skulls and hides and really, all things dead.

I tried to focus elsewhere but each tent seemed to hold something worse.

Our mini vacay ended with dinner and the dragon movie. Cooper had seen it with a friend and proclaimed it the best movie he'd ever seen. We enthusiastically joined him in the 3rd row and had to agree- it's super cute.

We had a terrific day, learned a ton and had more than a few laughs.
I love a mini vacation!

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3 Peanuts said...

How fun...when we live in C'vlle we used to LOVE going there.

I did not make it to that sale. It was a miserable rainy day and we were busy trying to put Kate's room back together as it had been torn apart for weeks---it took us that long to find the perfect colors and paint:). I really liked a few of the things pictured but I am re-doing Kate's room and our living room is next so I need to spend carefully on the things I need for them. Sigh....