Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday & Knots


I'm a little obsessed with fishing equipment. I think there is something so commanding about it and so purposeful. Nothing is wasted and everything has a reason. There is also a skill- one that is learned over time and passed down from generation to generation. And in spite of the changes that occur all around, it remains the same.

Like this knot.

I used it as a practice picture for homework in my class and my teacher said that it was excellent, SOOC. That's "straight out of the camera" in photo lingo. Let's keep in mind that she's teaching me, so part of that is adding encouragement within her critiques. It worked- I was encouraged.
And I really love the picture for what it is and what it represents and how it makes me feel.

Knots can be good- they hold things to the dock, shoelaces in place or stitches in fabric. Or bad- knots in my hair, my stomach or a favorite necklace.

Right now, I'm pretty thankful for the good knots that keep me tied to those that I love. My family and my friends and even my photography teacher- for hanging in there with me, providing encouragement and not letting me slip too far away from the things that are truly important.

Thanks guys!!


Jennifer Barnum said...

Amazing picture AND a well written blog post. LOVE it & you!

The Browns said...

what a beautiful post. If this photography thing doesn't pan out (although so far so good!) - I'm thinking writing might be your next gig.

Denise said...

Great picture Carolyn!