Tuesday, May 25, 2010



If you're 7, this is what it feels like when your mom practices one time too many for her photography class in an attempt to get the lighting just right.

If you're 40, this is a clean version of the frustration felt when you can't get the lighting right for your photography class, when work is really getting to you, there are 6 loads of laundry waiting for you and you have NO IDEA what's for dinner.

That said, I sort of love this picture.
His chubby cheeks and pouty lips and those crazy silly b@ndz bracelets that are consuming children everywhere.

If I were a whiz in PSE, I'd just do all sorts of fabulous things with all sorts of neat gadgets and it would look perfect.
Lets repeat- IF I WERE A WHIZ.

It ain't happening folks.
Hope you're having a super week!!

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Denise said...

O Carolyn, I so understand! I am still learning and most days I have to take 30 pics to get one that I like! This is a sweet picture, thogh...send me that picture and let me see what I can do with it in Lightroom...although harsh sun is hard...I have someone helping me lately, so I am in no way ready to help you...LOL!