Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maybe Not-

Hmm- It has come to my attention that my sweet kid looks a bit sickly in my edited, maybe I need a little more time at the Picnik!

To prove that he's healthy and's another one.
Minus the dog, but still with that pesky shadow that insists on following me around.



Happy Wednesday-


dana said...

you get an a for effort!! try shooting him sp that he is facing the sun and the shadows should disappear.

Denise said...

Better! I am thinking that the problem was just the lighting you were trying to take the picture in. I have found that my best pictures are in the am or late afternoon or dusk. Even shade is better than placing your subject in the sun. Most photographers say that shadows are something that are almost impossible to fix even in Photoshop. I can share some lighting tips with you next time we get together. Stop being too hard on yourself girl, Rome wasn't built in a day...hugs~