Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fork dropping

Last night at the dinner table Cooper asks whether he can talk to us about something.
Jon- nods
Me- Sure buddy, what's up?

Him- Well, I learned this new way to change my clothes in the locker room. All the big kids put their shirts on 1st and that way, nobody can see you when you take off your bathing suit.

Jon- nods.
Me- Huh, sounds like a pretty good idea, is it working for you?

Him- Yes, I do it every day. Except there is this one kid named Russell and he doesn't do it. He just takes off all his clothes at the same time and he's all naked.

Jon- nods.
Me- Well, that's ok. Some kids are just more modest than others. Maybe Russell just isn't that modest. You know, everyone is different.

Him- Well Momma...there is something else.

Jon- senses something interesting could be about to happen, so he looks up
Me- What else?

Him- When he's naked....(big pause) he dances.

Jon- drops his fork and spews the bite of dinner he just placed in his mouth
Me- (trying to maintain composure) Really...huh. Well, you can just look the other way and not pay attention to him.

Him- Yes, that's what I do. It's DISTURBING.

Jon- says nothing but concentrates on not choking
Me- I can understand why you might think that. Just try to concentrate on something else. Hey- how's your chicken tonight??

One never knows what may come up at the dinner table. The thing that I can be sure of though is that my husband continues to be ill-prepared for difficult conversations. The teenage years aren't looking good.

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3 Peanuts said...

This one cracked me up too. Thanks for the laughs tonight. I needed them:)