Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sun Flare-

One of the lessons in my class was on lighting. And there were these amazing examples of sun flare that I couldn't stop staring at. Evidently you can fake sun flare in ph*toshop....but it tends to look, well- fake. Therefore, it's nice to be able to actually make your own with some level of skill and the actual sun.

I'm a little short on the actual skill....but I'm great at trial and error!

And so, I give you my sun flare (which evidently is most easily achieved about 30-45 minutes before the sun sets).

Very exciting! (The flare, not the rest of the composition. I can only focus on one thing at a time.)

Oh, and speaking of our friend the sun.
This was the view as we left town early this morning to head back to reality.


Friday can't come soon enough!


Denise said...

Oh Carolyn, these are both beautiful, but I love the 1st one. I have never attempted sun flare...way to go! I tried to get into the class, but it is full...maybe the next one!

Katie said...

Caro! The pictures are so great. I hope your photography teacher is proud!

The Browns said...

BEAUTIFUL!! You've got talent!

for the love of a house said...

I think you are doing great!! The last picture is gorgeous!
I need to take a photog class too, but keep putting it off. I did finally get the new camera out of the bag and charge the battery, but had to open the book to put the lens on- so I gave up! Did I mention that I've had the camera for 5 months now :)! I'm easily intimidated!
Happy summer!