Monday, July 19, 2010

Long time, no post

I'm a weekend behind....or maybe 2.
We passed a milestone- Cooper invited a friend to come to the river with us. And I'm not sure I'll ever be the same.

Talk about stressful. How do people take other kids on vacation with them for an entire week? My word- I'd need medication.

On the way down, I thought about every terrible circumstance possible...and then said little prayers that everything would end up ok.

Clearly, Cooper was thrilled to have a pal-

They were non-stop the entire time.

E was chosen based on a few key criteria. 1) he's a sweet kid 2) he tends not to get homesick (key because there was travel involved) 3) E's the youngest...and as such, his mom has been through a lot and is very calm and super easy going about everything 4) Cooper's been asking me since March whether we can take him.

The dates finally worked out.

Just in time to go to the work boat races.
The local watermen come out and race their work boats. It's a ton of fun- and really something to see.


The more weight on the back of the boat, the better. There are easily 3 generations on the back of this one!

There were more boats watching then actually racing but nobody cared at all.

Weekends are always better with a friend.

Especially if there are dolphins!

The boys had a blast- with a few minor exceptions. Will I do it again- I'm sure. The super great outweighed the extreme stress.

As soon as we dropped E off Cooper said, "Momma, when can he come again?"

When I'm recovered little kid, when I'm recovered!!

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Denise said...

Just add a few more and you know what vacation is like for us...ugh!! I always need a vacation from my vacation when I get! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks~