Monday, July 12, 2010

Teeth (or lack there of)

Coop No teeth

When my parents came down in June, my dad pulled me aside and relayed a concern.

Seems that he was worried about the fact that Cooper's had a giant gap where his 2nd front tooth should be for quite some time.

Really, since Christmas (I think).

I assured him that all was fine and Cooper's gap was something that all 7/8 year olds go through. He wasn't completely convinced.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon....when Cooper lost another tooth. The tooth to the right of his only other top tooth. If the gap was big before, it's even bigger now. And it brings to light the fact that the kid is indeed missing a little something.

He looks adorable (in a gappy toothless sort of way)!!


I can't help but smile.

Hope your week starts off with a big gappy smile too!!

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