Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's There??

During the summer months, Jon paints houses.
He usually lines up about 3-4 so that he's got something to keep him busy when school is out. He is strictly an exterior painter- and loves the time that he gets to spend outside and being his own boss.

Sometimes, there are funny stories that accompany his daily routine.

Like the time that he was up on a 32 foot ladder and he dropped a hammer. And how that hook part of the hammer somehow got caught on his shorts and pulled both the shorts and his boxers straight down to his ankles.

And how he froze when he realized what had happened and was literally naked 2 stories up and had to slowly reach down and pull up his pants and then hope that nobody had seen him!

Yeah- stuff like that.
It's comical.

This year, he's painting a house that belongs to some friends of ours. And they very kindly gave him the security code to their house so that he could use the bathroom if he needed to while he was there.

And yesterday, he needed to take advantage of that code.

Evidently, he was in a position much like this one-

(and probably wearing the exact same outfit)

And he was minding his own business when he heard a rustle coming from the bathtub.
And then he realized that there was someone, or something hiding behind the shower curtain.

And of course, his shorts were again around his ankles.
(is this verging on too much information??)

So he begins to panic a bit because he's thinking- well, if someone's hiding in there, I'm pretty much a goner.

And he says, "who's there"
And there is more rustling and some sort of a struggle.

And then all of a sudden.....


Their dog emerges from the bathtub where evidently he sleeps during the day because it's cooler.

And Jon's heart started to beat again.

Goodness, I couldn't stop laughing when he was telling me- and I'm having a hard time not cracking myself up as I type.

All in a days work, I guess!

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3 Peanuts said...

Oh this made me laugh so HARD!!!!