Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baseball- the saga begins....


Since Cooper entered this world, I have done everything possible to remove even the smallest reference to baseball from his life.

I'm against characters in general on baby clothing, but I could tolerate a sports reference as long as it wasn't baseball. If you happened to give me a gift when he was born that contained a baseball theme- I apologize...but I exchanged it for soccer or football or basketball.

As he got older, I continued the trend. We didn't talk baseball, think baseball or pay one single bit of attention to it.

Because I think that baseball is boring.
I realize that it's the All-American pastime...but I really just don't see the draw. I also think it takes entirely too long.
I like a game with a defined start and end.

Slowly though, baseball has crept in.

My dad went to Louisville and bought him an official Louisville Slugger- complete with his name engraved into the wood.
My mother sent a box of age old random baseball gloves from our garage.
My my sister-in-law dug from obscurity Jon's old baseball glove and presented it to him complete with glorious stories from the past.

AND, the Flying Squ!rrels came to town.

Consequently, Cooper has decided that baseball is his FAVORITE SPORT IN THE WORLD.

I'm doomed.

But, because I'm quite possibly the greatest mother in the world (no laughing), I signed Cooper up for "Fall Ball" at our local Little League.

And that's how we ended up spending a sunny September afternoon here.


Instead of here.

Cooper's 1st game was one of his proudest moments.
The child was over the moon.

His one wish was to play catcher.

Wish granted.


I've got to admit, he did look adorable in the gear.
But the game was loooonng.
Thankfully, they do have a bit of mercy on the parents and the game can only last 1 hour and 50 minutes.

They won!

(which doesn't help my quest for Fall Ball to be a one time thing...)

But really, when it comes down to it...what wouldn't I do to make this little kid happy?


So, for the next 6 Saturdays, I'll be cheering from the stands...

...for one little boy to live the dream.

I think I can manage!


Denise said...

Oh Carolyn, I share your sentiments exactly! Just be glad you don't have 4 boys who adore baseball...I spend half of my life on the bleachers at the ball field...I am sure that one day I will miss these days!

melissa said...

i'm with you. boring. but the good mother you are.... in time, you will love it just because. we are the same way though- let's not expose them to anything we don't like or that is at an inconvenient time. how about kayaking at the river- we will make it a sport and invite their friends.

Jennifer Barnum said...

I thought I was the ONLY person alive who hated baseball. So glad there are 2 of us out there. And I must admit, I have never mentioned that playing t-ball might be an option to Eli either. The game is soooooo long & really bores me. However, your post made me smile because if Eli ever told me his dream was to play baseball I know I would be running to Dick's to buy him a glove, ball & bat. Amazing what we do for our little ones, huh?