Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Triple!


Weekend #2- Baseball. Again.

Cooper and Jon had some father son batting practice this week and it paid off.
That little kid knocked it way out into the outfield.


And guess who was screaming like a banshee??
Yup- me.
To everyone there, I was the world's biggest baseball fan.


He actually made it all the way home, but there's a rule about taking another base when the ball makes it back into the in field.

So, it was technically a triple.
No matter- he was THRILLED (we all were).

If you're able to get by the crazy hair and teeth...you can tell just how excited he was.


And when he wasn't hitting....he was playing catcher.


He's got the corner on the market for catching- it's all about the protective cup. It's a requirement for being the catcher and suspiciously, most boys don't have one.


Cooper? He won't leave the house without it.
It's really quite comical.


We ended game 2 with a victory.
One for the team for sure, but also one for Cooper.

His confidence grew by leaps and bounds....he was so proud, and really quite shocked by his accomplishment.

And the best thing for Jon and me?

Seeing our child go from this...


to this-


It's a game changer, in so many ways.


Denise said...

Way to go Cooper!! And Mom, you may just start to like this baseball stuff!

The Browns said...

YAYAYAY!! I TOATALLY thinks that's a homerun and Brian (who LOVES baseball) agrees. YOU GO, COOPER!!

PS - Great pics crazy, screaming, banshee momma!

PPS - remind me to tell you about the time I demanded that my dad buy me a cup becuase our tae kwon do instructure said to get one if you needed one. my poor dad.