Thursday, September 30, 2010

He was basically in our back yard....

Yesterday the President was visiting our city. Oddly enough, his venue for the day was a little recreation center that was minutes away...

So, Jon and I grabbed Cooper, picked up a pal from down the street and headed over to see what we could see.

Regardless of party preference, I think that for a child, even for an adult, there is something really exciting and powerful about seeing the President. Or in this case- his motorcade. Just the security alone was exciting!

The weather couldn't have been worse for standing around waiting for something to happen- perhaps I could have used that time to check the settings on my camera. I had my ISO on 800. So much for high quality photos to capture the moment!


The boys had flags and umbrellas but by the end, we were all soaked.
Even the friendly Secret Serv!ce agent who was guarding our corner of the route.


Our wait paid off though-
After about 50 motorcycles sped by...


We saw his limo!


Or maybe it was his decoy and this was him...

Or perhaps this....

No matter, the boys were convinced that they saw "HIM" and we walked back to the car to warm up and dry off.

Good times, great memories!


Skamamama said...

i love it! your are right though ~ no matter party preferenct . . . it's a cool thing to "see" the president!

melissa said...

his visit closed down the airport and delayed our trip.... but it was exciting seeing air force one take off.... (regardless of party preference :-) I like how you added that! i feel the need to add it too!)