Friday, October 1, 2010


This weekend is one of my favorites....Indian Gu!des. That means that I've got almost a full 48 hours to myself while my boys are off doing things like fishing, shooting & living it up in the woods.

I'm pretty sure I've got the better end of this deal.

If you gave me a choice of staying home alone this weekend or spending the weekend in a place that looks like this.....

I'd pick home alone.

I dream about this weekend....and I plan, and re-plan and make a list of a million things that I want to do.

Usually 12 of them happen. I tend to get a little crazy with my lists, see here & here. Last time I didn't have a list...just one big goal.

Big goals are nice, but I'm really more of a list kinda gal.

The list-

Eat whatever I want (because Monday begins my much needed ban on carbs)
Read a stack of magazines that have been piling up for months (or years)
Catch up on the TV that I've missed (since we have no cable I can watch them via the internet)
Remove every single item from the laundry room
Paint the laundry room
Purge the laundry room contents
Add shelving to the laundry room
Thoughtfully replace the laundry room contents
Straighten up the clutter in the living room
Take the dog on 2 walks per day

We'll see what happens!!


melissa said...

oh so envious. how i want to be alone. for a night, even 2. but my list is too long for just 2 nights but it would be heaven. enjoy. don't forget to sit, relax and re-energize. your laundry room project sounds awesome but daunting... i'd suggest getting it done enough that you husband feels the need to finish it. like paint the walls but not the edges so he can do the hard part!

The Browns said...

one word. jealous.