Saturday, October 9, 2010


my parents came down specifically to see cooper play today.
5 hours of bumper to bumper traffic.

they would have driven for days to see him do nothing but sit on a bench.
they're the best kind of grandparents possible.

and that little kid??

he hit a real live grand slam homerun.
do you know what a grand slam is??
i didn't.
(you know, because i hate baseball- remember).

according to wikipedia, in the sport of baseball, a grand slam is a home run hit with all the bases occupied by baserunners, thereby scoring four runs—the most possible on a single play.


aren't they the cutest things....

they couldn't have been more excited. for cooper or for the team.
it was a moment that will live all of us.

i'm SO glad they got to see it.

i'm so glad we all got to see it.
a homerun, a dream come true, a forever memory, a confidence builder, a game changer, a little hug from God.

it doesn't get much better.


Denise said...

No way!!! How exciting for him...I am excited for him...way to go Cooper! This must make you like baseball a little Carolyn~

Grace said...

What an exciting day for you all! I {LoVe} little league and can't wait for my two little guys to get to play!

Blessings, Grace

The Browns said...

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Cooper - the entire Brown family just cheered for you!!! WAY TO GO!!