Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ever have one of those days???


When this completely escapes you?

The kind of day when all you want to do is eat an entire birthday cake layered high with butter cream frosting???

The kind of day that makes you think that the only possible way to make yourself feel better is to go out and spend a bunch of money???

And then you snap back into reality because you're supposed to be not eating carbs and your bank account is crying?

I had one of those today.
So, after being talked off the ledge by a sweet friend, I decided to try and visit my happy place....

I re-arranged some shelves.
No cost, no calories.
I was desperate!

Before (sort of- I had already taken some things down prior to my pic)




I accomplished something that made me happy.
I feel good about it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better....I don't have many more shelves!


for the love of a house said...

yes, tomorrow will definitely be better! I'll take the icing, thank you! A little cake would be nice too, but LOTS of icing!


The Browns said...

I had one of those days today and opted for the chocolate profiterole over the organized shelves. And I loved every single carb second!

BTW - Simon says the lotus is the hardest of all the poses. I can't imagine why he'd say that!

melissa said...

did you see my pantry post? i have those days a lot. but i usually eat WHILE reorganizing.

and that cabinet totally reminds me of our old house in your next of the woods- same paneling and cabinet hardware!