Friday, October 22, 2010


I am on hold right now with the folks at Verizon.
I called them at around 10:01. It's now 10:47 and I have still not solved my problem.

I HAVE however spoken to 5 people.
And I'm on HOLD, waiting for the 6th.

Wow, you say- you must have some big issues.....
Actually, I really don't think that I do. Apparently Verizon doesn't agree because they have all transferred me to ANOTHER account rep.

1st, Mrs. R. A lovely woman who listened to my questions, told me that she couldn't help and would gladly send me to the right person....but before she did, she wondered why we had given up our cable service???

Well Mrs. R- quite frankly because it cost $100/month and we think that's ridiculous and so we turned it off. We're trying to spend more quality time as a family and we're going to do better things with our money.

Then she told me about a great deal that they were running that would give us cable for $20 and a free DVR for a year.


I regained composure and kindly explained that this was really frustrating to hear because only 1 month ago when we called to turn off our cable, nobody seemed to give one hoot about our concern with the high cost of cable. We had no offers of dramatically reduced service or free anything.

And so, we made a HUGE life change and are now sort of used to the no cable thing. So, no- I'm not interested in going back.

So I was transferred to Maria. In the eCenter.
From the start, I was not impressed with Maria's customer service skills, but at this point its still early so I'm game.
Maria was able to solve a mystery for me in that I haven't been able to access my online account and I can't figure out why. Evidently, it was tied to an old e-mail account. Ahhhhh- got it. Ok, can you update my e-mail account??

Great, thanks Maria.
My next question is about my automatic billing. I need to set up my new bill pay and cancel my old one.

Simple? NO?
It's now 11:13 and I have now spoken to 7 people and I am STILL NOT DONE.

More coming-

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