Thursday, October 7, 2010


1 horribly large mole from my face
1 gigantic wart from the bottom of my foot
2 smallish moles on my chest
1 teeny spot on my leg that I didn't even know existed

My foot is killing me, my face is bleeding, and this may be way too much information....

I am thankful for a visit to the dermatologist today.
I'm thankful for a push to take care of myself from someone who may never realize how glad I am that she had a part in my bravery.
I'm thankful for the feeling of accomplishment that I have today because I've checked this off my list and that I took a step to be mature about my health.
I'm thankful that my pain is temporary.
I'm thankful that I finally got rid of something that's plagued me for years.
I'm thankful that my hubs sent me a message saying how proud of me he was today.
I'm thankful for my child, who cautiously peeked at my wounds and asked with wide eyes, "did it hurt momma? are you ok?"
I'll be thankful if one person reading this nods because they've been where I am or they're going to be soon....

I am thankful.


melissa said...

OMG.....LOL - seriously- my appointment is at 8:15 next Friday- full body scan- they said it will be about a 15 minute appointment unless he needs to 'cut something off'. i might need extra encouragement next week to not cancel.

for the love of a house said...

too funny! I did this exact (well, almost;) same thing about a month ago... I was so putting it off and so happy to have it over with. Had a little "age spot" frozen off my check! I feel like a teenager again!!!!;) My lesson to share... put sunscreen on the tops of your ears! Glad it all went so well! And what a brave Cooper to look!!
happy weekend!
p.s. Dan loved the part about him needing to start a blog for husband tips!!
Thank you for your sweet comment! loved it!