Sunday, October 17, 2010

Could it be???

It's over....


The 2010 Fall Ball season has come to a close.

I had so many favorite moments...the fact that he walked onto the field for the 1st practice and wasn't a bit nervous, how excited he was to get his uniform, getting dressed for his 1st game, realizing how much he LOVES being the catcher.....



(I love his finger in this one- he wiggled it all the time when he was waiting for the pitch)

Seeing him hit the ball for the 1st time....and the ultimate- the grand slam home run.

We couldn't have asked for a better coach, a sweeter bunch of kids, or a more perfect experience.

And shockingly, I'm sort of sad that it's over.


The boys were sad too- the coach gave them each a ball and they took turns signing each others. It was nothing short of adorable. Cooper loved it.

But more shocking than the fact that I'm sad for it to end is the fact that I may have turned a corner.

One that I'm almost ashamed to admit.

Tonight I sat on the sofa with Cooper and watched the Phillies- oh my word.

Come on PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!! WIN!

(and just in case you're wondering how that happened...we didn't watch on cable.... Jon has rigged rabbit ears to our tv so that we can get 8 channels for FREE!!!).

Stop the madness at our house- please.

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for the love of a house said...

Yay for Cooper! And the new bb-lovin' mom!


p.s. I loved Coopers comment about reindeer Ella! I went back and looked at the photo and thought of his commennt and it was as if I saw the photo for the first time through- the eyes of a child... it was a gift! Thank you Cooper!