Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 8th Year

As Halloween approached, I found myself excited about it. Last year we had such a great night. But his friend P had other plans and my attempts to create a stand in weren't successful.

Oh well, not to worry. This year we had Gypsy to provide comic relief and I thought that Cooper was going to dress up to coordinate with her.

She was a hot dog.


The plan was for Cooper to be ketchup.
So great!! Funny, creative and best of all....age appropriate.

I could hold my head high with my child dressing up as ketchup.

Except that's not what happened.

8 year old boys change their minds....and when you couple that with a trip to the costume store accompanied by your dad.....

Well, things go downhill fast.

I got the following text from Jon-

Him- Hey, how much is too much to pay for a Halloween costume?
Me- It depends....what is it?
Him- We have 2 options. Either a giant tootsie roll or Jason from Friday the 13th
Me- I don't care how much the tootsie roll costs. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Oddly, there was no response to that text.
Imagine my dismay when my sweet, sweet child comes home and can hardly wait to show me his costume.....


And when he was all suited up....


I was so shaken that I couldn't even focus.
I tried to pull myself together....


He was sooo excited.
I had a few choice words for Jon who said,
"Come on, it's Halloween- it's ok to be scary"

I'm not bought in....
But he sure was excited to hit the streets!


Here's hoping that nothing too scary turns up on your doorstep tonight!


melissa said...

ohhhh - now i REALLY understand your comment. i guess i have about 7 years.

interesting about the no reply text... i will remember to set ground rules before daddy heads to the store. i think he would be a 'convenient' text-er too if i didn't give the answer he wanted!

Jennifer Barnum said...

OMG...that costume will give me nightmares for nights to come. Was that ketchup on the end of his knife? Not looking forward to the non-cute Halloween costumes.

Lora said...

oh man. yikes.

I felt it a little bit when Jake wanted to be a vampire rather than something adorable.

Lucky for me, he was a little bit afraid of himself in his get up.

The Browns said...

OMG - How did this NOT top our list of things to talk about??? This is going to make me laugh for weeeeeks!
PS - Did you really think you'd convince your 8 year old to go as ketchup??? Come on now girlfriend.