Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Time Out (sort of)

Cooper has some sort of aversion to trick or treating.
When he was little, we'd take him to 3 or 4 neighbors and basically show him off. Then we'd go back home to wait for the 6 regulars that knocked on our door. Clearly, not a huge trick or treat population in our neighborhood. When we moved, I had high hopes for a bigger crowd, but alas no luck. And I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

Here is our Halloween History-
Years 1-3 were for show
Year 4 was canceled due to illness
Year 5 was a test run of the new neighborhood and included 5 houses before he called it quits (despite our clarification that more houses meant more candy)
Year 6 was spent giving out candy (despite our coaxing that "it will be fun")

So year 7 approached and I had really low expectations. Truthfully, I was sort of looking forward to it. But, this year things were different.

Cooper was invited to trick or treat with his friend P.
He adores P.
We were all invited to attend the festivities.
"Come for dinner, then we'll take the boys out to trick or treat."

And it was!!
Here are a few memories of his 1st time trick or the real sense of the words.


They were both bounty hunters from Star Wars. Cooper was Boba Fett- I can't spell who P was (Boba=old skool Star Wars....P's guy- new episodes!)

I'm pretty sure that's a smile that says..."cut out the photo ops, would 'ja?"

And they're off...

House #1....either Cooper's standing at attention ready for battle, or he's scared to death!

This picture is terrible, but I love it because it shows 1) how crazy people get about Halloween here and 2) Cooper loving it all...he's 1st in line!

After about 90 minutes, we returned to our starting place. The boys were sweaty, exhausted and in need some candy to boost their energy!

We had such fun....
Tons o' thanks to the W's for their hospitality and for helping us to create some wonderful memories!

Hope you had a fantastic Halloween too-

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Lora said...

I love it. especially the sweaty head. Why is it that I love sweaty headed little boys?