Sunday, November 8, 2009


The weather this weekend was fabulous and a perfect reason for a little fun in the leaves.


I'm not sure who had more fun....Cooper or Gypsy!



It may be a toss up.

Oddly, while fall is clearly in full swing, there is a corner of our yard that seems to be having trouble letting go of summer.


I think I may be in that camp too....although I'm anxious about the holidays and planting fall pansies makes me smile.


Something else that makes me smile....seeing that little kid have so much fun....


And finding a picture among the hundreds that I took that make my heart flutter just a bit! I love the colors on this one, but most of all- how his tongue is filling the giant void of his missing 2 front teeth!!


Hope your weekend was full of fun too!

1 comment:

The Browns said...

Great pictures!! Cute kid and cute dog??? how is that fair??