Sunday, November 22, 2009

Puppy Party

On Saturday, we were guests at an event that I look forward to all year. My friend Sallie is the most creative party giver around and as such, her daughter has the best birthdays. Cooper is one of two boys in attendance each year- she's so sweet to include us and it's always memorable. Last year was a Lego themed party.

This year- Puppy Party.
When Cooper opened his invitation he was thrilled because he thought that Gypsy could go too. Sadly, she was not included in the festivities!

My job this year was to take pictures and assist with games. Before things got started, I snapped a few pictures of the table.

Cooper was DYING to sneak a pop....

I love the color was sweet but funky at the same time

Cake is always a gamble with our "bakery of choice". This year it worked out fine.


In years past, there have been disasters. Like the time that she ordered a cowgirl cake to match brown cow patterned napkins and a pink cowgirl hat and the cake had bright yellow flowers and the biggest reddest cowgirl you've ever seen. Or the year when they sent her home with a cake that was frozen solid. Nice.

The 1st activity was to sign an autograph dog. They were so careful with their signatures.


And then they played "Fetch"

We tossed out tennis balls labeled with colors and yelled "Fetch".

The kids raced to get a ball and we called out a color picked at random. The person with that color won a dog themed prize.

Cooper loved it (and managed to win twice)

Sarah Clay had on the best boots ever. I had big ideas and had planned on taking a photo of every shoe at the party. I got sidetracked and ended up with an odd number that didn't include everyone. I was going for this- on a bigger scale. I'm all about a good idea- follow through is my weakness!


The party was fantastic, the food yummy, the company entertaining. And check out the view from the front yard-


Who wouldn't have fun with scenery like this!

Happy Birthday Sarah Clay!!
Thanks for including us in your special day-


The Browns said...

I love these pictures by the way - you did a fantastic job!

Sallo said...

Awww, Caro - thanks!!! You're the best of the best!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Carolyn... Who are you? You are giving Dana a run for her money in the photo dept. I LOVE the photo of the b-day plates & shoes. You are a Chick that can definitely click!!!