Saturday, November 14, 2009

13.1 for Diana

This is my friend Diana.

I've talked about her before- in this post. She always makes me laugh and is the reason for my continued sanity at work. Without her perspective, humor and kind heart many of my days would be disastrous. I think I play the same role for her.

Today she ran in her 1st ever 1/2 marathon.
It makes me tired to even type that.
She and her mom ran together- isn't that fabulous??
The only marathon that my mom and I could ever participate in were those involving shopping (love ya Ma).

I am so proud of BOTH of them!


The weather was sort of rainy....and a little chilly. That didn't stop people from running or fans from coming out in droves to offer support.

Cooper and his friend P made signs to show support for Diana and her mom (who goes by XL- I think her real name is spelled Xuan Lan).


P asked me what the winner of the race would receive- I wasn't really sure and said, "well, maybe some money but I'm sure a trophy or a ribbon". He's creative that one. Cooper is all about business- Go Mrs. Brown. Short, sweet and to the point.

Of course, waiting for them to run by was not the highlight of the morning.


Luckily, this guy ran by.....and boosted spirits for at least 5 minutes.


And just a little while later, we saw them!!


I was screaming and cheering, and XL was running by trying to explain to the boys that "she was XL". It was so great!


I am so thrilled for them- and so incredibly proud of the goal that Diana set and met for herself.


WAY TO GO ladies!!!!


dana said...

oh I SO wish I was there to cheer them on!!!

Denise said...

Hey, I ran in it too...wish I would have seen you...could have used the encouragement!!!

The Browns said...


This post made me smile, laugh, and cry. Thank you for cheering me on (even in the rain!), for this insanely kind post, and for being my great friend.


Jennifer Barnum said...

So awesome that you went to cheer on our crazy friend who ran further than I drove to work this morning. :-)