Friday, November 20, 2009

Back from Buffett & Thankful Thursday

Jon's birthday was last week....


To celebrate, I bought tickets to see Buffett....we're big Jimmy fans and truly this was just as much a present for me as it was for him! I could hardly wait to tell him that we were going.

Tuesday night isn't exactly the most convenient night to find a sitter and head to a concert that requires decorations and tailgating supplies. My parents agreed to come down to take care of Cooper and the rest fell into place quite nicely.

And so at 6:30 on Tuesday night.....this was us!


We had a blast....although it was cold!

A few of Jon's former students stopped by for a visit.


Wade and Sarah joined us too!


The Chemistry teacher offered to tye-die some shirts for Jon and although they were finished on Tuesday morning, they weren't dry. Evidently, he was able to find a fan and somehow attach the shirts to it so they were blowing dry in the corner of his classroom. When his kids asked what the deal was he answered with 2 words.

"Buffett baby!"

Seriously, I KNOW they wonder about him!!

It was awesome! The whole experience to me is nearly perfect. Although I wish Jimmy would add some different stuff to his shows, I do love his music- he's a great song writer, fantastic story teller and he has the ability to transform a cold night in Virginia into a carefree week in the sun. Jon still loves it after seeing him more than 20 times and I'm a convert thanks to him. I'm thankful for the ability to enjoy the experience together and to be able to go.

I'm thankful for my sweet parents who dropped everything to come and help me and spend time with Cooper.

I'm thankful for the memories that we made and the stories that we'll tell about the night we had!

I'm thankful for the chance to dance in a teeny little space while singing at the top of my lungs....and have my hubby join in without any prompting!

I'm thankful it's Friday...and can't wait for the weekend!
Hope you have a great one!


The Browns said...

Happy Friday and HAPPY BUFFETT! LOVE the decorations - you really don't know how to do anything non-fun, do you??

Jennifer Barnum said...

How sad that I have never experienced a Buffet concert? You are the coolest!

carolyn said...

You silly girls!!

There is plenty of non-fun...for instance, I didn't blog about how I wanted to stab my sweet husband with a fork at dinner the night before Jimmy. Very non-fun!

And Jennifer- we simply MUST take you to see a show. MUST!!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for stopping by earlier! Happy weekend!!!


Sandra said...

Thank you for the nice message you left on my blog about my Santa Count Down advent and family traditions. Glad you had a great toime at the concert.

Lora said...

there is nothing better than a Buffett concert!
Dave and I used to go every year, and every year since the last time we went we've been saying we are going to go again.

2010 baby! That's our year to take it back