Friday, October 22, 2010

Verizon Update.....

I'm not sure who I'm's not like I have tons of people flocking to my blog on any given day (which is totally fine)...but I have just GOT to get this off my chest. And maybe I'll feel better at that point.

If you've not read part 1 and part 2, you can find them here.

So, I call back. Hopeful that perhaps I'll be able to find SOMEONE who can answer my question and end this madness.

I maneuver through the crazy maze of choices and finally reach Amanda.
She seems pleasant and more importantly confident.

I explain to her that my hope is for her to answer the question that 7 of her co-workers have not been able to.

She assures me that she's hoping the same thing and asks me for the 8th time for my account number and verifies that I will authorize her to look at my account.

(why do they do that?? is there a chance that someone who is answering the phone shouldn't be privy to that detail? that is after all why i'm calling- ABOUT MY ACCOUNT).

I digress.

Amanda says she can absolutely help me- and has another rep from the eCenter jump on the line with us. Hello Sandra. (I'm feeling positive because at least I haven't been transferred).

Sandra gets my information correct for my new on-line account, resets my password and confirms that indeed Maria did update my e-mail address "about an hour ago".

Now that I can access my new account, I will be able to set up my direct billing.

Sandra drops off and it's me and Amanda.
She tells me that I should be all set for the new account and that for my old account that I'll need to call my Bank and have them stop the draft payments.

This seems odd since my bill absolutely says "To Discontinue Automatic Bill Payment, you must call Verizon".

Amanda- that seems strange that you would tell me to call you for you to say call your Bank, don't you think??

She agrees but assures me that my old account is closed, it has a zero balance and there is no reason for Verizon to debit my account anymore and that with a few quick clicks I can set up my new bill pay for my new account and all will be well with the world.

Ok, at this point I'm weak. I decide that I'm basically in ok shape and I'm willing to move on. I decide to ask Amanda whether I can talk to her supervisor to tell her that Amanda was able to help me with my issue in 15 minutes, without transferring me anywhere and that 7 of her other employees could not.

So, I get transferred to Julie, Amanda's boss (I'm highly aware that Julie could simply be the girl sitting next to Amanda and this is all a racket but someone is going to hear my complaint GOSH DARN IT).

Hello Julie- you are the 9th person that I have spoken to in the last 90 minutes.
Yes, that's terrible....blah, blah, blah.

However, Amanda was courteous, confident and was able to answer my questions within 15 minutes. So, Amanda deserves a pat on the back and everyone else should be taken out back and fired.

Sorry Mrs. R, Maria, Mrs. T, Shabeeb, Darryl, LaRon and Vernon.

So, end of story???
Nope, no such luck.

I call my Bank and guess what?
Yup, you guessed it- they have no control over the Verizon payment. Verizon debits my account directly each month and I'll need to call them and ask them to stop.


Has anyone else been driven this close to the edge by the person on the other end of the phone in what should be a very simple question??????

I've said a prayer for you....please say one for me.


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melissa said...

yes yes yes. i calculated that I spent more than 6 whole hours with Dell in a day and a half. i was transferred all over the world and had no resolution. none.

i upgraded to windows 7 and the world was good again.

unfortunately, i will never get those 6 hours back. oh, what i could do with 6 free hours right now. i feel robbed.

ps- hate dell, verizon and comcast. and, i know hate is a strong word. i stand by it.

lunch again soon?