Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bedroom Redo

Cooper and Jon went to Indian Guides this weekend- so I was on my own.
Oh, the luxury of it all!

My parents were here to see Cooper's play and the 3 of us went to dinner....then my mom and I went shopping. Such fun.

The goal of the night was to find some ingredients to add to the mix of Cooper's new room. Lately, that kid has been obsessed with a "new room". Obsessed.

We've had a few discussions and what it really boils down to is that he wants a room with a theme.
The horror. I am violently opposed to a theme.
His room now is simple. Khaki walls, red coverlet, blue carpet and denim accents. I figured it would grow with him. Evidently, he's not a fan.

He asked for camouflage. I gagged a little bit.

But, he's been asking since January and he's been pretty thoughtful with his requests. He's also been purging his "little kid" toys and books. I'm struggling with the whole thing but decided that he has a point, and I want him to love his space and the things that are in it.

Here are some before shots (of course, I didn't think about it until I was already finished with a large portion of the change)

This is the old arrangement- with the bed on the long wall (minus the bedding)

I moved the bed to the corner (he wanted to feel cozier) and put his table on the long wall instead.

With the furniture in place, my mom helped me update the bed with the loot from the shopping. We got a mattress topper to make his bed more comfy and pillows to coordinate with the PB*Teen sheet set that I spent a fortune on bought.


Then, I pulled a Nester and decided to make some window "mistreatments". Cooper never uses his top sheet anyway, so I ripped carefully cut it into 3 semi-equal pieces and decided to tackle the challenge.

This is my first attempt.
It's ok- you can tell me that they look like one of those witches at Halloween who has flown into a tree face first.

So, I tried again.
Much better.
The challenge- making them all look relatively similar.
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hammer upholstery tacks into 4 layers of fabric while balancing on a small stool?

Here's where I ended up-



When he got home, Cooper could hardly wait to see the finished product. He hid his eyes until I said the magic words.
(dirty socks and hands c/o Indian Guides)

His face said he liked it-

And then the clincher....a dirty thumbs up!

It's been an exercise in acceptance and in letting that kid assert himself with his likes and dislikes.

Am I crazy about the camo? Not one single bit.
Am I crazy for that little kid who was so determined to make some changes to his room?



dana said...

it looks great!! kaneu is asking for a new look. he wants st*r wars ... and well, that's just not gonna happen. or robots. or a space theme. i need to get creative here. any ideas?

The Browns said...

Looks great!