Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making it.....

There is a Flickr group dedicated to people who love Diet Coke.
I clicked through the pictures longingly....and thought about the good old days of consuming at least 6 cans/day (I'm sure my mother just passed out!).

My Addiction.

I saw my friend Dana in the cafeteria yesterday. Although she too gave up DC for Lent, she was carrying a frosty bottle in her hand.
I almost cried.
She said she didn't last 10 days.

I'm making it- and it's not as hard as I thought as much as it's inconvenient.
I'm not a fan of drinking restaurant water and nobody serves anything diet except Coke/Pepsi.
Kills me.

Oh well- my habits are changing, and evidently my skin looks good (according to Dana who might have just been trying to make me feel better).

I don't feel different....I'm not sleeping better or worse....my hair seems to look the same and I can't tell any sort of life altering changes. There is a potential that my teeth are whiter.

Oh well- I'm proud of myself for sticking to it, and it does serve as a reminder of the Lenten season and that's good for my spiritual life.

It's not all bad.
(but I sure do miss it)

Did you give anything up? How's it going?


Anonymous said...
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dana said...

SIX a day?? You really do love your DC!! Do you think you'll go back after lent is over?

Jennifer Barnum said...

I was too weak to give anything up. So proud of YOU though!