Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have some amazing friends....friends who pick me up when I'm down, push me when I'm stuck, point when I'm lost and know exactly when to say just the thing I need to get through the day.

My friend Brandt sent me this.

My son just emailed me- "Would you consider me doing a study abroad trip this summer?"
I click on the link.
I read about a 4 week trip to southern Africa, where they learn about the history and different cultures yada yada yada....
Have to HUNT for the cost involved.
Find it's a mere $8,700 (plus any extras you want)!!!!
Pick myself off the floor.
Calm down from the thought that I raised a young man who would CONSIDER our family directing 8.7K to just ONE family member for a vacation.
Remind myself that he has no idea or concept about how hard it is to make enough so that enough is left over for "the other stuff".
Take a few deep breaths.
Hit the reply button and tell him what a wonderful trip it sounds like, and that yes, he can go, if he'd rather do that than have a large portion of next year's tuition paid for.
Then I told him to go to the career planning center and look for a good summer job.

Enjoy every minute of Cooper's youth!!!! It's so fun, so fast and much cheaper than the years to come (but they're fun too!)
Love, B

I laughed so hard, and then I started thinking about how quickly he's growing up.
He was so little here....and clearly so excited.

And even though it's whizzing by, it's so wonderful and SO MUCH FUN.

I'm thankful for friends who know what's to come and let me know what I can look forward to (the good and the bad)....and for friends who have the same sense of humor that I do!

I'm thankful for those 2 cheesy grins even if they're up to no good and bring me lobster bisque while I'm recovering from the worst intestinal crud I've had in years.

Yes, Lobster Bisque.


Lora said...

oh puke!!!
i will not tell you what I think of lobster bisque when I'm a little queasy!

when I'm well, however, I'll eat it by the gallon!

for the love of a house said...

Carolyn- I hope you are feeling better. I'm sure the lobster bisque did the trick;)!

p.s. just for you;) and my sister (that was who told me to!) I posted on my champagne buckets!! Hey, maybe some champagne with the lobster bisque will make you feel even better!!!! I'll send some over!!

Anonymous said...
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